Nurturing The Young Aspiring Rugby Players

The Bangkok Lions rugby union is popularly known as the BKK Lions. This team came into formation when old rugby players came together from Bangkok and created a team. The primary aim of this team was to motivate players of the younger generation. The team wanted to inspire them to develop their interest in the sport, and take up Rugby as a career. They focussed on making sports loving youngsters appreciate the game and also practice it.

The BKK Lions

The Bangkok Lions rugby union, better known as the BKK Lions was created when old rugby players from Bangkok came together and formed the team.

The driving force behind this creation was to motivate young players to take more interest in the sport, and make rugby their career. So that young generations can learn to appreciate and practice the game of rugby was the main aim behind the formation of the BKK Lions.

Our Formation

The Bangkok Lions Rugby Union was formed by a group of people who played the game themselves. A very noble thought was behind the formation of the team, which is more popularly known as the BKK Lions.

The main motive was to encourage more and more youngsters, such as children between the ages of four and ten to take interest in the game of rugby, and ensure that they take the game forward.

International Rugby

Many things are going in the world of international rugby, but one of the most notable events that have taken place in terms of international rugby is when a number of Springbok rugby players gave sixty seven minutes which was as a part of the international Mandela Day campaign. The former president of South Africa turned ninety five a few days back and as usual, there were many events held to celebrate his birthday all over the world, and the Springbok players were not far behind.

Leicester Tigers don’t want repeat of Twickenham heartache

Ben Youngs, the scrum half for the Aviva Premiership Rugby Football Union club the Leicester Tigers believes that the club has endured enough heartache in the finals of the Aviva Premiership to know how to grab that all important win. Leicester have secured just three wins in their last eight wins at Twickenham Stoop, the headquarters of English rugby and have also lost in their last two visits as well.

Focus on BKK Lions

The Bangkok Lions Rugby Union or the BKK Lions was founded and established by a group of people in the region who used to play the game themselves.

The main motive behind the formation of the Lions was to promote the game and make it known among a new generation of youngsters, especially to children between the ages of 4 and 10 in the city and then gradually spread it throughout the country. Having begun as a very small initiative, the Lions have treaded a path uncharted previously and have been very successful in what they set out to do.