Gavin Henson Ready for Welsh Debut

Gavin Henson will make an early return from injury and be rushed straight into the London Welsh lineup against Saracens FC on Sunday as he hopes to make one last push to impress the selectors ahead of the autumn tests for his country.

The Wales international was injured before the start of the season and he hasn’t started a single game for The Exiles in the new season and even if he impresses the selectors for his club, he will need a miracle and a lot of injury crises for the national team to even have a chance of being selected for the national team set up.


The bkk lions or the Bangkok Lions rugby union was founded and established by the old players of rugby from Bangkok. The main motive was to spread and promote the game to the young generation especially the children between the ages of 4 to 10 of Thailand.

They have established a rugby training clinic which organizes some formal coaching for the game as well as a tournament during summer months. The rugby clinic is managed by some renowned rugby players of their times. Their job is to encourage the parents to make their kids participate in the tournaments.


The Bangkok Lions Mini Rugby Union was established by some of the old rugby players of Bangkok to help promote and spread the sport among the youths of Thailand.

The initiate is aimed at children between 4 and 7 years. The soccer season comes to an end in April and that is when the BKK Lions aims at started the rugby training clinic.


There have been great interests in setting up a rugby union which will in turn facilitate interest in rugby among the youth in Bangkok.

Rugby is such a sport which needs aggression and skill, both of which are commonly found among youth. Moreover, one should not leave an opportunity or any stone unturned as promotion of rugby as a sport should go on continuously.


Are you getting excited about the up-coming Six Nations tournament?! Here in the clubhouse we are, and we're hoping to see plenty more of you in the club over the next month or so, especially not that we've splashed out on a brand new projector.

The Six Nations kicks off with Scotland vs England on February 4th, and we're looking forward to smashing the Scots (and taking the mick out of Vaughany :) )

As well as the bigscreen, we'll have a number of Betfair Rugby Goodies to give away, in various games that our fun-experts have come up with.


It's that time of year again, as the weather starts to cool and the rains subside, with the rugby season kicking off in earnest!

We're looking forward to another fantastic season ahead of us - and after last seasons successes, especilly at U-13 level, we're rightly optimistic for an even better year this time around!

The new and enthusiastic U-11s have been a breath of fresh air (as usual) and have even helped some of the more senior members remember the full rules of the game - Mark only remembered a few of them when he was explianing to the kids exactly what difference being in and out of your own 22 makes!

The senior side kick off their season next week, against the City Bankers, and we're expecting a good match - though some of the players (Danny!) have returned with a few too many pounds - hopefully the Bankers will be able to help get rid of that - they're pretty good at losing pounds most of the rest of the time.