Rugby Hero Jarryd Hayne Signs Up With Detroit Lions

Jarryd Hayne has reportedly signed up with leading NFL team Detroit Lions.

The National Rugby League hero & aspiring NFL sportsman has been frequently linked with the Lions in recent months since his declaration to leave the sport & take to NFL career 2 months back in October. The franchise actively denied any claim of interest yet was lately seen in a workout which was help for various NFL teams in the San Diego area.

Caldwell confirmed about the news of Lions having Hayne for visit the past week.
“He (Hayne) was travelling across the country for a glimpse of various locations for this league & it was one among those visits”, noted Caldwell.

As per the sources, the rugby hero is back to Detroit to take his physical and every sign shows that the dapper 6 ft sportsman is all set to finalize contract with Detroit Lions.
However, Caldwell was all coy whilst asked about Lions’ interests in taking up Hayne.

“We overview various players always”, came the diplomatic statement from Caldwell. “It’s kind of continuous exploration here for us. We are always striving to look for ways for further improvement & scanning all options that are viable for us.”

It’s pretty unlikely the Detroit team, which is 1 victory away from getting a place in postseason, would add on amateur Hayne to its active roster. The rugby player is most likely to be added into the squad’s ten-men practice group.

Jarryd’s projected position seems to be kind of running back of late. The veteran tailback Reggie Bush of Detroit who visited with the rugby player in his Aussie trip last summer is the man who bolstered the NFL spirit in the rugby player and inspi9red him de3claring that he just needs then right opportunity to excel.