Be Prepared For The Bangkok International Rugby Tens Rugby Tournament 2017

The enthusiasts of Rugby in Bangkok and across the South East Asia, listen up, it is again the time for the Bangkok International Rugby.

On 25th and 26th February, the Tens 12th edition will take place. The venue of the event is Bangkok Patana School and Sports Complex. The event will give another reason for having another exciting weekend for the fans of rugby who like fast-paced game. The fund raised from the event will be used to support the Bangkok’s underprivileged children.

Nak Suu is a charity organization in Bangkok; Nak Suu provides rugby training to the disadvantaged children coming from the slums of the city. The game teaches them the valuable life skills and helps them build the positive attitude towards the life. Just like previous years, this year as well, the funds generated from the Bangkok International Rugby Tens (BIRT) will be directly given to this charitable organization, this will be a move of the authority to support the valuable work done by the organization for the underprivileged children.

The event has gained the popularity years after years, and now it has expanded itself significantly. The event now attracts approximately 100 teams from all across the globe to Bangkok.

The event is going to be two days long and this period, participating teams will compete at varying levels, it will start from being highly social and will go all the way to highly competitive. The international teams participating in this tournament include men’s, veteran men’s, and ladies ’touch, boys’, ancients’ teams and ladies’ contact.

Eddie Evans, three world cup former professional players for Canada said, “We are expecting nearly 5000 spectators and 2000 players this year, the number is slightly more than the previous year. The event has everything well organized from game, entertainment to food.”