The bkk lions or the Bangkok Lions rugby union was founded and established by the old players of rugby from Bangkok. The main motive was to spread and promote the game to the young generation especially the children between the ages of 4 to 10 of Thailand.

They have established a rugby training clinic which organizes some formal coaching for the game as well as a tournament during summer months. The rugby clinic is managed by some renowned rugby players of their times. Their job is to encourage the parents to make their kids participate in the tournaments.

Regular matches are arranged by the bkk lions club on weekends to boost the kids for the next time. The coaching centers have expert rugby players as guides who can tell the kids what it takes to be a master of the game. They have also tried to hit different schools of the country to create an awareness regarding the game so that more number of kids can be made a part of the tournaments at least as spectators. They feel that the game of rugby is so thrilling and exciting that they will sure like to be a part of it.

The bkk lions have done a lot to assist and gradually develop the interest of rugby among the young kids of Bangkok. The venture has soon become so popular among the inhabitants of the Thailand that some renowned companies now wish to sponsor the events. These companies also pull out their hands to pay for establishing more such coaching centers for playing and practicing the game. It will not be wrong to say that bkk lions has surely been able to create a unique platform for the kids to exhibit their talents as far as rugby is concerned. It is indeed a great initiative.