Bangkok International Rugby Tens (BIRT) Tournament All Set

Rugby lovers in Bangkok and around the South East Asia listen; it is again the time for the Bangkok International Rugby Tens (BIRT).

The 12th edition of the Tens will take place at the Bangkok Patana School and Sports Complex on 25th and 26th of February, 2017. This time as well, the event is going to be exciting for sure and it will make the weekend of the spectators spectacular, it will be full of socializing and fast-paced rugby games. Furthermore, this event is going to support the underprivileged children in Bangkok.

The event will support Nak Suu, which is a charity organization in Bangkok and it provides help to the disadvantaged children from the slum of the city with rugby training. The game teaches them important life skills and also helps these children to build their characters in a right direction. Just like the last year, this year as well all proceeds coming from the Bangkok International Rugby Tens (BIRT) will directly go to the charity and will support the work it does for such children.

Year after years, BIRT has expanded its reach significantly and the team now attracts nearly 100 teams from all over the world to Bangkok to play the game of rugby.

In the two-day event, the teams will compete at different levels of competitiveness. The International teams that will come to Bangkok to play this rugby tournament include veteran men’s, men’s, boys’, ladies’ contact, ladies’ touch and ancients’ teams.

The authorities say, “This year, we are predicting around 5000 spectators and 2000 players, which is slightly more in comparison to the last year. And the increase in the number of both spectators and players is because of the reputation of Ten’s for some great rugby games, food and entertainment.


Bangkok Lions Rugby football club cannot be sidelined when mentioning the most popular rugby club in Thailand, and is mostly referred to as the BKK Lions.

The club is reportedly in need of sponsors in order to keep the club cost to a minimum.

The primary objective of the club was to promote rugby in a big way to the people of Thailand, most importantly the youths in Bangkok. This is the reason why the mini rugby club was established by a group of old players some decades ago.

This is how it is done at BKK lions, the experienced players of Bangkok, arrives at the training ground and model some impressive rugby young talents in order to produce a new team for their nation in anticipation to get moreback-up both from the parents and thelovers of the rugby sport.

The chairman, Bruce Hill during his discussion on the goals and desires of the club, said;

“We hope to let the success of the BSL happen again and also support in the development of youth rugby in this country, Thailand,”

“We are currently seeking sponsors to assist with keeping the costs to a minimum and do encourage companies to come forward.

The chairman also stated that another major aim of the BKK Lions was to make use of rugby as a tool to establish a unique family environment on Saturdays which would see families bond better.

He as well expects that through regular family BBQ’s held at the Sports Complex just opposite Bangkok Pattana School, family events can be enhanced.

The club also made known a number of vacant posts, most importantly the office of a communications officer, which the clubare sure would help them communicate better with supporters, sponsors and others.

Be Prepared For The Bangkok International Rugby Tens Rugby Tournament 2017

The enthusiasts of Rugby in Bangkok and across the South East Asia, listen up, it is again the time for the Bangkok International Rugby.

On 25th and 26th February, the Tens 12th edition will take place. The venue of the event is Bangkok Patana School and Sports Complex. The event will give another reason for having another exciting weekend for the fans of rugby who like fast-paced game. The fund raised from the event will be used to support the Bangkok’s underprivileged children.

Nak Suu is a charity organization in Bangkok; Nak Suu provides rugby training to the disadvantaged children coming from the slums of the city. The game teaches them the valuable life skills and helps them build the positive attitude towards the life. Just like previous years, this year as well, the funds generated from the Bangkok International Rugby Tens (BIRT) will be directly given to this charitable organization, this will be a move of the authority to support the valuable work done by the organization for the underprivileged children.

The event has gained the popularity years after years, and now it has expanded itself significantly. The event now attracts approximately 100 teams from all across the globe to Bangkok.

The event is going to be two days long and this period, participating teams will compete at varying levels, it will start from being highly social and will go all the way to highly competitive. The international teams participating in this tournament include men’s, veteran men’s, and ladies ’touch, boys’, ancients’ teams and ladies’ contact.

Eddie Evans, three world cup former professional players for Canada said, “We are expecting nearly 5000 spectators and 2000 players this year, the number is slightly more than the previous year. The event has everything well organized from game, entertainment to food.”


Fiji’s drawcard in attracting travellers is fast becoming sports tourism, as major resorts in the country look towards taking advantage of the opportunities it presents.

Rugby remains one of the major sports attracting visitors to the nation’s shores most especially the 7s code and beach rugby.

With the national side scooping gold during the 2016 edition of the Rio Olympics in Brazil, the country was shot to limelight.

Over a number of years, some of the resorts in the country such as the Pacific Harbour’s Uprising Fiji Resort and the Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort in Sigatokahave all been vocal and strong in their financial support of the development of rugby in the country.

Also, these two resorts have gone ahead to develop their own sevens tournament thus annually attracting rugby sports team from within the country and abroad as well.

This Coral Coast Sevens tournament was begun almost seven years ago by Peter Hopgood, the general manager of the Fiji Beach Resorts and Jay Whyte, the Sigatoka River Safari.

So far, it has grown into a multi-national event with teams from countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Hong Kong participating against some of the prolific local teams in the country.

At the event launch held last week where the likes of LoteTuqiri, George Gregan, and New Zealand sevens great Karl Tenana were present as honored guests, Hopgood who spoke, said that the idea behind the founding of the Coral Coast Sevens came when they were seeking an event that could attract and captivate crowds during the off season in the industry.

“Seven years ago the general managers of Coral Coast resorts at the time, got together with Jay Whyte and decided to put a sevens tournament together because it was our quiet time of the year.”

“Let’s put a tournament on where we can attract people to Fiji, but more importantly to the Coral Coast,” he said


One of the very popular rugby clubs in Thailand is the Bangkok Lions Rugby football club, fondly known as the BKK Lions.

The idea behind the club was to promote rugby in a big way to the people of Thailand, especially the young people living in Bangkok. This led to the mini rugby club being established by a group of old players many years back.

At the BKK lions, the experienced players of Bangkok, gets to train and model some impressive rugby young talents so as to form a new team for their country. They are hoping to get enough community support, both from the parents and fans of the rugby sport.

BLMRU chairman, Bruce Hill when talking about the aims and desires of the club, had said,

“We hope to repeat the success of the BSL and assist in the development of youth rugby in Thailand. We are currently seeking sponsors to assist with keeping the costs to a minimum and do encourage companies to come forward”,

“Through rugby, we are aiming to create a unique family environment on Saturday mornings, with the children participating in the rugby and the parents by either involvement in the coaching, through assisting with the organisation of age group teams or purely through the pleasure of watching their children play.”

He also hopes that through regular family BBQ’s held at the Sports Complex just opposite Bangkok Pattana School, the atmosphere that makes it seem like a family event can be enhanced.

The club also announced a number of vacant positions, especially the position of a communications officer, which they need as they believe it would help them communicate better with fans, supporters, sponsors and the community at large as well.

They also mentioned a vacancy for a new coach to help them train the young players better.

BKK Lions Seek Community Support

The Bangkok Lions Rugby football club is a very popular club in Thailand.

The mini rugby club was established when a group of old rugby players from the country wanted to promote the rugby spots in a big way to the Thai people and especially among the expatriate young people living in Bangkok. This rugby team in Thailand was formed many years ago, but many are still not aware of such a club in Thailand. This club was started with the purpose of shaping a very good and young rugby team for Bangkok.

The experienced players of Bangkok get their opportunity to teach and train some of the budding rugby talent in the country and to build a new team in the country. This community sports club in Thailand is run by many volunteers and they are now seeking support from the game’s supporters and parents to come forward and to get them involved in the rugby union club. They want the community to get involved both on and off the rugby field. This is a good opening for anyone looking to help the Lions rugby club and also to have a new role and say in the functioning of the club.

The BKK Lions are in need of a club communications officer who can write weekly newsletters and also take care of the communications with supporters and sponsors. There is also an opening for a new coach to teach the young boys to have fun while they improve their rugby skills. The club is also on the lookout for tournament helpers at the club are responsible for hosting the Bangkok Tens and Bangkok Sevens. With just two months remaining for the Bangkok Sevens to start, the club will have to quickly find helpers like referees, scorers, runners, tournament coordinator, etc., for this junior tournament.

BKK Lions And Their Formation

Many might not have heard of BKK Lions.

This team of rugby in Thailand has been formed several years back and heralds the unique start of the game’s presence in this country. It is a form of mini rugby that is designed to help shape up a young team in the country.

It is a great window of opportunity for the experienced players in Bangkok who have not had the privilege to train young talents and to build a team for the country. This team aims to bring together the youths of the country and to promote the game among youngsters. The union aims in bringing together native Thais as well as expats who would be interested in developing skills in the game.

The team has been formed by leading rugby players in the country. The initiative started off with weekly coaching classes to be held for youngsters. The coaching classes are usually held during the weekends. The venue where they started off was at the Bangkok Pattana School. The target was to get children from the age of four onwards till the age of seventeen to enroll for training. The initial registration for the team started off in March 2004. At that time there were players from the British club as well as the Southerners who were looking to train the young players. The target is not only to get youths to join but also to cultivate a culture for the game. Training sessions were designed to be held every weekend so that parents could also take part in witnessing the training sessions or the games that were scheduled. These plans have helped the team to create the right environment and interest in the game among the locals. It remains to be seen when the first team spruces up and starts taking part in international games.

Bkk Lions A Novelty In Thailand

Not many have heard of the BKK Lions as yet.

You might be one of the first few to read about them as this mini rugby team has recently been formed. It is known as Bangkok Lions Mini Rugby Union. It has been established by experienced rugby players and enthusiasts of Bangkok who have been trying to bring the game among the youths in the country. With this union formed, they wish to promote the game among Thai as well as youths of the expatriate communities in this country.

Several leading rugby players of Bangkok have come together to make this initiative a success. There are weekly coaching classes which are held on Saturday mornings. Currently the venue is at Bangkok Pattana School. There are players from Southerners as well as from the British Club.
Children who are part of the Bangkok Soccer League have been targeted to sign up for the rugby team initially. Registrations had been on from the end of March 2004 and have been held at the Bangkok Pattana school premises. The initial target was to get hold of youths and children from the age group of four to seventeen. Today a mini league is formed for the children who registered with the union.

The rugby union follows a pattern similar to the BSL. The latter has faced considerable success and it is hoped that the same can be achieved for the youth rugby team. It is definitely one of the novel games in Thailand and needs to be promoted among the youth. Rugby at the school was hoping to enhance the family environment on Saturdays when kids will get together to play and parents would be involved in coaching, in watching and would end with family BBQs and with a fun filled environment.

Venues of 2019 Rugby World Cup Announced

The venues of the first ever Rugby World Cup to be held in Asia have been announced. The 2019 Rugby World Cup is going to be held in Japan.

The decision of letting Japan play host to the 2019 Rugby World Cup was taken in the year 2009. There are 12 venues where matches will be held according to the latest announcement. Japan will also play host to the 2020 Olympic Games.

There is an Olympic Stadium already but it needs to be replaced and for that reason the games are going to be held in New National Stadium, the construction of which is underway. It will indeed be a big stadium with the capacity of accommodating over eighty thousand individuals. The stadium is among the venues of the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Also another venue where the 2019 Rugby World Cup matches are going to be held is the Kamaishi Memorial stadium, which, unlike the New National Stadium, can accommodate a considerably less number of spectators. a little over sixteen thousand spectators can be accommodated in that stadium.

The 67 years old Bernard Lapasset who at present holds the post of Chairman of the board of Rugby World Cup Ltd considers Japan’s playing host to the 2019 edition of Rugby World cup as epoch making. He said that now that the venues for the 2019 Rugby World cup events are finalised, the fans who intend to come and see it can start making their plans. Mr Lapasset thinks that a huge number of fans will visit Japan to watch the 2019 Rugby World Cup and he also said that a huge number of people will also be watching the event though Television. He thinks that the 2019 edition of the Event is going to be a spectacular one. He has also said that they will remain committed to their goal of making the game more popular throughout the world.

Saints sign Munster out-half Hanrahan

Aviva Premiership Rugby Football Union club and the reigning champions the Northampton Saints have announced that JJ Hanrahan will leave Munster to link up with the English giants over the summer.

Speculation had been rife for the last one month regarding the future of out-half Hanrahan who was unhappy with his place at Munster after not being able to nail down a place in the starting line-up under new coach Anthony Foley and it emerged that he was considering his position in the club.

He was given a decent run of games at centre recently which raised some hope among Munster that the player might stick around but in spite of being offered a new and improved three year contract on his current deal, Hanrahan has made it clear to his present club that he wishes to leave at the end of the season.

The player said that the time he spent at Munster was great and he was privileged to have represented such a great club but he also said that he was really excited about the prospect of moving abroad and playing for one of the biggest clubs in England.

He said that he has nothing but positive experiences at Munster, adding that it is home club and running out in the red jersey onto the field has been the single most exciting thing in his career and it will remain a privilege.

Hanrahan also said that despite announcing his departure, he remains fully committed to its cause for the remainder of the pro 12 and European campaign and will give his best so that he can leave the club with another trophy.

The Northampton Saints currently sit top of Pool 5 in the European Champions Cup and with the addition of Hanrahan, will grow stronger next season.