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13th Edition International Tournament Of Bangkok Lions Rugby Team

Like other years the 13th edition of the International tournament of the Bangkok Lions was held on 24th February 2018. This club has been formed for rugby lovers in South East Asia and is one of a kind that devotes its resources in developing young talent in the region in the game of rugby.

Last year the 12th edition of the Tens, an international tournament for rugby in this region was held. It took place at the sports complex of Bangkok Patana School in February. The event this year also generated the same excitement as before. Last year it had the children’s teams participating and the games had been fast paced with a special element added to the weekend games. Hence, besides the games there were social activities and different events planned. There was also a charitable cause to it where underprivileged children in the city were given rugby training. Children from the slum areas were encouraged to take part in the training. Read More