BKK Lions

The Bangkok Lions rugby union, popularly known as the BKK Lions created by old rugby players from Bangkok coming together and forming the team.
The main motive behind the creation of this team was to inspire young players to take further interest in the sport and making them take up rugby as their career. To make the young generations understand, appreciate and practice the game of rugby was the main focus behind the formation of the club.
Along with creating a team, a rugby training clinics is also established, to give formal coaching of the game to the young aspirants of the sport, and also a tournament was set up during the summer months so that the children who like rugby can participate together in the event. In order to involve more youngsters the Lions club organized regular matches during the weekends. They also talked with their parents and persuaded them to send their children to the club so that they can receive formal training in the sport.
The BKK Lions contributed enormously in creating an interest among young people for the game of rugby in Bangkok and their efforts has reached high levels of productivity and recognition. A relatively good number of local companies have also started staging interest to sponsor the various events masterminded by the Lions club. The companies have also showed their interest to set up more rugby clinics around different parts of Bangkok, to make formal training in the sport available for more and more young people. As of now the opportunities created and the platform given to the children by the club has really been more that they had visualized at the beginning.
The BKK Lions is regarded as the pioneer of the sport in Bangkok and have done a commendable work in making the sport a household name in the city. Their sheer will to succeed in their aim have allowed them to surpass all the loads of problems that came along the way.