BKK Lions: An Insight into their Formation

With the main motive to spread the word about rugby to the new generation, especially among the children aged between 4 and 10 years, the old players of rugby set up a union for the rugby players of Thailand and named it the Bangkok Lions Rugby Union or BKK Lions in short.

Starting from just an awareness forum, the union has grown to give formal coaching to those who wish to learn the game. For this they have even set up a rugby training clinic in which there are eminent rugby players of old times to encourage their parents to expose their kids to rugby. There are tournaments conducted during summer months every year for the trainees to show their skills.

Other than the summer months’ tournaments, BKK Lions also conduct weekly matches to pump up the confidence level of the kids learning out there. Former rugby players train the kids with their great experiences during their career. Their tasks also include spreading awareness among school children of the country about rugby and its benefits. They do this because they believe that this game has a thrill of its own and that it makes one really strong.

Through their endless efforts, BKK lions have been able to invoke interests among the kids of Bangkok to play rugby.

The success is so much so that even sponsors are eager to come forward to finance the matches and tournaments conducted by them. More and more kids are now pouring in the union to learn rugby. Not only for the tournaments, have the big companies of Bangkok also readied to sponsor for the coaching centers and institutes of rugby. With such a backing, it has become easier for BKK Lions to promote rugby these days and rugby has gone up to a new level in Thailand.