BKK Lions And Their Formation

Many might not have heard of BKK Lions.

This team of rugby in Thailand has been formed several years back and heralds the unique start of the game’s presence in this country. It is a form of mini rugby that is designed to help shape up a young team in the country.

It is a great window of opportunity for the experienced players in Bangkok who have not had the privilege to train young talents and to build a team for the country. This team aims to bring together the youths of the country and to promote the game among youngsters. The union aims in bringing together native Thais as well as expats who would be interested in developing skills in the game.

The team has been formed by leading rugby players in the country. The initiative started off with weekly coaching classes to be held for youngsters. The coaching classes are usually held during the weekends. The venue where they started off was at the Bangkok Pattana School. The target was to get children from the age of four onwards till the age of seventeen to enroll for training. The initial registration for the team started off in March 2004. At that time there were players from the British club as well as the Southerners who were looking to train the young players. The target is not only to get youths to join but also to cultivate a culture for the game. Training sessions were designed to be held every weekend so that parents could also take part in witnessing the training sessions or the games that were scheduled. These plans have helped the team to create the right environment and interest in the game among the locals. It remains to be seen when the first team spruces up and starts taking part in international games.