Bangkok Lions Rugby football club cannot be sidelined when mentioning the most popular rugby club in Thailand, and is mostly referred to as the BKK Lions.

The club is reportedly in need of sponsors in order to keep the club cost to a minimum.

The primary objective of the club was to promote rugby in a big way to the people of Thailand, most importantly the youths in Bangkok. This is the reason why the mini rugby club was established by a group of old players some decades ago.

This is how it is done at BKK lions, the experienced players of Bangkok, arrives at the training ground and model some impressive rugby young talents in order to produce a new team for their nation in anticipation to get moreback-up both from the parents and thelovers of the rugby sport.

The chairman, Bruce Hill during his discussion on the goals and desires of the club, said;

“We hope to let the success of the BSL happen again and also support in the development of youth rugby in this country, Thailand,”

“We are currently seeking sponsors to assist with keeping the costs to a minimum and do encourage companies to come forward.

The chairman also stated that another major aim of the BKK Lions was to make use of rugby as a tool to establish a unique family environment on Saturdays which would see families bond better.

He as well expects that through regular family BBQ’s held at the Sports Complex just opposite Bangkok Pattana School, family events can be enhanced.

The club also made known a number of vacant posts, most importantly the office of a communications officer, which the clubare sure would help them communicate better with supporters, sponsors and others.