Focus on BKK Lions

The Bangkok Lions Rugby Union or the BKK Lions was founded and established by a group of people in the region who used to play the game themselves.

The main motive behind the formation of the Lions was to promote the game and make it known among a new generation of youngsters, especially to children between the ages of 4 and 10 in the city and then gradually spread it throughout the country. Having begun as a very small initiative, the Lions have treaded a path uncharted previously and have been very successful in what they set out to do.

Rugby training clinics have established by the Lions and they also offer some level of formal coaching to the youngsters and in order to make the game even more popular, the BKK Lions organize tournaments for the kids during the summer months when the schools are closed to further popularize the sport in the region.

Some of the most well known and renowned players of their time look after the clinics and their primary job, apart from managing these clinics is to persuade young parents to send their kids for the coaching camps and participate in the tournaments.

The Lions arrange for matches on a regular basis, and encourage the kids to play on the weekends in order to boost the kids. The coaching centers also bring in professional players as guides in order to make them aware of what exactly is required to make it to the top.

The BKK Lions are considered as the pioneer of the sport in Bangkok and have done a lot of work to make the sport a household phenomenon in the city and although they have had loads of problems along the way, their will to succeed has seen them develop the game a lot.