Jonny Wilkinson Talks About The Current Rugby-Injury Situation

Jonny Wilkinson is a rugby player who has suffered rugby injuries in quick successions than any other rugby player. Wilkinson is a retired rugby player who has represented British and Irish Lions and also England. He is well-known for the drop goal he scored during the finals of the 2003 Rugby World Cup because of which England was able to win the world cup that year.
After the victory in the year 2003, Wilkinson suffered from shoulder, rib, arm, neck and back problems for many years until he finally decided to end his professional rugby career from the 2013-2014 rugby season.
Stuart Lancaster (coach of England Rugby Team) is under pressure because of increasing number of players that are getting injured just before the upcoming November Internationals. Due to this, safety and health issues related to the players are once again coming into the limelight.
According to Wilkinson the rugby injury situation at the moment is not worse. He thinks most of the injuries happen due to physical contact between the players which one cannot evade. He is also aware that the sheer speed and size of modern rugby players has been increasing.
He is of the opinion that the players cannot miss the rugby seasons just because they are being injured during the training sessions or are not getting the proper treatment. These things have to be avoided and managed appropriately.
Wilkinson firmly believes that the progress in medical knowledge and physiotherapy will help the current rugby injury situations in the best possible manner. Players will be able to recover faster and cope with the pressures of the competitive rugby season every year.
He even recalled as to how he used to play rugby going against the advice of the medical professionals just because he loved rugby and thought that he might miss a good chance if he gave up due to an injury.