Nurturing The Young Aspiring Rugby Players

The Bangkok Lions rugby union is popularly known as the BKK Lions. This team came into formation when old rugby players came together from Bangkok and created a team. The primary aim of this team was to motivate players of the younger generation. The team wanted to inspire them to develop their interest in the sport, and take up Rugby as a career. They focussed on making sports loving youngsters appreciate the game and also practice it.

Formal coaching as well as summer time tournaments of rugby is organized by the team. Regular marches are also organized for the weekends. With this endeavour of the Bangkok Lions rugby union, the team has been able to achieve a lot of recognition; so much so that a number of local companies have shown their interest in sponsoring the different events that the team organises for the aspiring youngsters. There is also a demand to increase the number of rugby clinics so that more and more youngsters can receive training for the sport.

The clinics that have been established by the Bangkok Lions rugby union in various parts of the nation are successfully coaching the younger generation for the rugby sport, hence effectively increasing the popularity of the game throughout. The rugby clinics have some of the best known players of their time, taking care of the coaching and training of the aspiring players. They have been competently persuading youngsters to participate in tournaments and coaching camps to spread the game of rugby among sports lovers as much as possible.

The Bangkok Lions rugby union had just started as an awareness forum, and with its regular endeavours, the team has now, come a long way and give formal coaching for the sport. Their endless efforts they have been successful in invoking interest for the sport among the youngsters of Bangkok.