Our Formation

The Bangkok Lions Rugby Union was formed by a group of people who played the game themselves. A very noble thought was behind the formation of the team, which is more popularly known as the BKK Lions.

The main motive was to encourage more and more youngsters, such as children between the ages of four and ten to take interest in the game of rugby, and ensure that they take the game forward.

And in this way, the game will eventually gain more popularity throughout the country. Basically, the founders of the BKK Lions wanted the future generations to take notice of the game of rugby, and love it the way they do. They started out pretty small scale, but now they have conquered almost every obstacle that was thrown their way, and have gained huge acclaim.

Many initiatives were taken up by the BKK Lions. One of them was the establishment of rugby training clinics, and they even offer coaching to youngsters who are interested in the sport. And another move that the BKK Lions have employed to make the game come across as more appealing and interesting is that, they organize tournaments for kids who play the game.

These matches are organized when the schools stay closed for the summer months, and this makes it easier for the kids to join in all the rugby fun. Some of the most notable players look after these rugby training clinics, and apart from doing this, they also try and talk to parents so that they can encourage their children to play the sport of rugby.

They ask parents to encourage their children to take part in all the coaching camps that are conducted by the BKK Lions, and to motivate their children to take part in the tournaments that are held by the BKK Lions.