There have been great interests in setting up a rugby union which will in turn facilitate interest in rugby among the youth in Bangkok.

Rugby is such a sport which needs aggression and skill, both of which are commonly found among youth. Moreover, one should not leave an opportunity or any stone unturned as promotion of rugby as a sport should go on continuously.

Many of Bangkok’s leading players have taken up this initiative on their own as well and have started setting up coaching centers on a weekly basis. These centers mainly target children and youth within the age limit of 4 to 17 years.

The basic goal and aim of setting up a mini rugby union by the BKK Lions is to assist and develop the skills of rugby amongst the youth of Thailand. These clubs are also in the lookout for sponsors and companies who are ready and willing to pay for the establishment of the coaching centers. This will not only help to popularize the venture, but eventually help in making this mini league on a basis similar to the BSL.

This mini league set up by the BKK Lions has been operating in a fully fledged manner and they have had an immense success with the completion of their first two weeks. The BMLRU chairman has already been thinking of taking initiatives in planning for the next season in advance so that they can further improve in their effort. After all this venture taken up by the BKK Lions have been fruitful and has shown enormous response from the youth who are eager and excited to participate in such unions. Let’s hope that this continues to be equally demanding and successful in the future seasons as well.