The BKK Lions

The Bangkok Lions rugby union, better known as the BKK Lions was created when old rugby players from Bangkok came together and formed the team.

The driving force behind this creation was to motivate young players to take more interest in the sport, and make rugby their career. So that young generations can learn to appreciate and practice the game of rugby was the main aim behind the formation of the BKK Lions.

Apart from just creating a team, rugby training clinics have also been established, so that formal coaching of the game can be given to young aspirants of the sport, and also so that a tournament can be held during the summer months, where children who like the game of rugby can come together and take part in the event. The BKK Lions club organizes regular matches which are held during the weekends, and another way that they use to get more youngsters get involved in the game is to talk to the parents and persuade them to send their children to the club, where they can receive formal training in the sport.

The contribution of the BKK Lions is gargantuan when it comes to creating an interest for young people in the game of rugby in Bangkok. And the efforts of the BKK Lions has reached such high levels of efficiency and recognition, that quite a large number of local companies have started showing interest in sponsoring the various events conducted by the BKK Lions. These companies have also voiced their interest in setting up more rugby clinics around different parts of Bangkok, where more and more young people can receive formal training in the sport. So as far as creating and giving a platform to the children goes, the BKK Lions have really achieved more than they could have envisioned at the beginning.