The Bangkok Lions Mini Rugby Union was established by some of the old rugby players of Bangkok to help promote and spread the sport among the youths of Thailand.

The initiate is aimed at children between 4 and 7 years. The soccer season comes to an end in April and that is when the BKK Lions aims at started the rugby training clinic.

A coaching clinic is organized followed by a tournament where the children from the clinic participate. The BKK Lions has some of the best rugby players managing the clinic, like Paul Clifton. There are over 196 children who have signed up for the clinic. Parents are encouraged to coach the children or participate in the clinic by coming and watching and matches and encouraging the kids.
The success of the clinic organized by the BKK Lions has seen several companies coming in as sponsors.

Regular matches are held on weekends. In the age group of 4-6 years, the Bangkok Harlequins were defeated by the Krungthep Warriors. Ben Farebrother scored six tries which helped them seal the victory. He had scored nine tries in two weeks and has been moved to a higher age group because of his brilliant performance. In the same group the Bangkok Wasps were defeated by the Siamese Cats. In the 7-8 age group Siamese Crusaders were defeated by the Wanderers with four tries, which were scored by Ian Ramsey. The Banga Vagabonds were also defeated by the Bangkok Sharks in the same category.

In the age group of 9-10 years, Typhoons were defeated by the Hurricanes and the Aliens defeated the Barbarians in the age group of 11-12 years. The standard of rugby in the under 17 match has been improving considerably. This week, The Falcons and The Eagles drew 4 tries, with Jack Carroll scoring two for the Falcons and Brett Keyes scoring for the Eagles.

BKK Lions has surely created a great platform for children to come and showcase their talent and learn from the best players in the sport.